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Are Artificial Sugars Good for You? with Bon Vie Weight Loss Santa Monica / Portland

So do you think artificial sugars help you lose weight? Or do they make you more fat? Ii’m Sharon LaCroix from Bon Vie Weight Loss Nutrition Wellness and I’m going to give you some truth around that myth.

It turns out that manufacturers have some pretty tricky ways to get us to buy sugar free or zero sugar foods.

The fact is if it’s palatable, if it tastes good, it has sugar in it.

And you’re going to get the same kind of response with artificial sugars on your body.

And it’s a tendency to to gain weight to gain fat as you would with regular sugar.

Okay so take sugar-free gum.

Have you ever chewed gum long enough – until it’s that hard rubber blob in your mouth and then spit it out? That’s sugar-free gum.

Before that, you’re sucking down sugar.

So what happens with sugar reporting, or sugar labeling, is that the FDA only requires labeling of ingredients that are more than.

5 gram.

So if you take one of those little packets of artificial sugar there’s much less than.

5 gram in there.

So the clever manufacturer will put in.

3 gram of one kind of sugar, maybe.

2 gram of another kind of artificial sugar.

And before you know it, your pancreas is getting a much worse response to that overload of sugar than it would with just plain white sugar.

So we get tricked a lot of times thinking that artificial sugars are healthy for us.

In fact because of their concentration, which can be thirty to two thousand times the concentration of white sugar, your pancreas can be affected in a much more severe way over time.

Let’s take diet soda as an example.

Did you know that people who drink diet soda actually get more fat over the years than people who drink regular soda? There’s a couple reasons for this.

One is our body is tricked into thinking it’s gotten super sweetness on board from the high concentration of those artificial sugars in there.

And the response that our body evokes from that is that we have a big insulin rush and then a crash.

And also, our bodies are signaled to store fat around our midsection.

The second thing that happens with eating artificial sweeteners or drinking diet soda is that we have this false sense of allowance.

So I’m drinking a diet soda, that means i can actually have those french fries in addition.

And so that gets us into trouble in both ways.

The fats in the fries and the the high concentration of sugar.

So What’s our recommendation here at Bon Vie? Eat a high protein, low carb, low sugar and for sure low artificial sweetener diet.

Have lots of hydration on board.

And if you like this video please share it with your friends so that they too can know some of the myths around artificial sugars.

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